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The set include one necklace and one bracelet..
The most famous African chocker of all time! Lighthouse necklace in the movie Black Panther, the favorite necklace of Beyonce and many African and American celebrities.
Suitable for all body types!
A new model to improve thanks to our customers! Adjust it to your neck, very comfortable!
The story of this jewel: The chocker necklace is the symbol par excellence of the African Woman protector of his home, his village and his people. Symbol of strength, courage, the womens wear this jewel on their wedding day, in order to launch their head wear and have a 360 degree view of their village and warn of danger if necessary. Now you understand why the warriors of the movie Black Panther flaunts it?
Do not wait, order as soon as possible!

Material: Alloy
Shape: round
Size: 18inch
Origin: South Africa
Perimeter totally adjustable
Color : gold